Thankyou for visiting my site.

My aim is to provide a meeting point for anyone that has an interest in Scoliosis for whatever reason. I hope to have a Forum on the site soon, this is something that I would have loved when I was diagnosed 11 Years ago!

Occasionally my 4 year old son will notice the scars on my back and say “Mummy, why have you got lines on your back?” I just say “Mummy had a poorly back when she was a little girl and had to get the Doctor to fix it” He seems happy with that!

I have been desperately searching around the web to find useful sources of information about Scoliosis for years. When I discovered that I was suffering from Scoliosis I was put in touch with SAUK ( they are an independent organisation and it’s aims are to put people with Scoliosis in touch with each other. They offered me fantastic advice but I never did take up the offer to get in contact with other Scoliosis sufferers. I think that now in the internet age this is so much easier to do. Forums are such a fantastic gateway as you can input as little or as much as you like.

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